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Voices of Young Adult Carers

Voices of Young Adult Carers

Stories of young adult carers' experiences of caring and learning


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June 2012

About This Publication

The stories featured in this publication are young adult carers’ (between the ages of 16 and 25) personal accounts of their caring role and the impact that caring has had upon their lives, particularly upon their participation in learning. All of the stories have been written by individual young adult carers, in their own words.

NIACE believes that the most powerful advocates for effective learning and support are young adult carers themselves; the stories included here highlight this. We hope that these stories will encourage and inspire other young adult carers, and that they will enable practitioners and policymakers to gain a deeper understanding of young adult carers’ experiences and needs.

1. About this publication
2. Background
3. Context
4. Young adult carers’ stories
5. Conclusions