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Manifesto, General Election 2015

Manifesto, General Election 2015

Skills for Prosperity: Building Sustainable Recovery for All


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June 2014

About This Publication

At NIACE we strive to promote learning and influence policy and practice in order that there are more opportunities at all ages, and in many different ways for adults to participate in learning.

The social benefits if we could achieve a true lifelong learning society would be profound – stronger communities, better attainment by children, a more tolerant society, more volunteering, better health and higher levels of well-being. The economic benefits of a lifelong learning society are also enormous with better and higher skills investment leading to higher productivity and more successful businesses.

This manifesto urges all of the political parties to forge a new skills strategy for all which reflects the challenges we face and makes the most of the opportunities we have as people live longer.

A black-and-white version is available to print here. For best results, print using the left-hand (short) binding edge option.