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  • Subject: Policy and History
A Dynamic Nucleus: The Interim Report of the Independent Commission on Colleges in their Communities
This interim report details the initial findings of the Independent Commission on Colleges in their Communities led by Baroness Sharp of Guildford: A dynamic nucleus: Colleges at the heart of local communities.
A guide to tracking learner destinations
With the recent government announcement that it is considering how funding can be more strongly linked to outcomes in the future, it is important that providers now establish the means to track learner destinations. This guide provides a snapshot of current approaches.
A Learning City Perspective: IFLL Sector Paper 5 - Free Download
This paper outlines what a learning city is, what a learning city needs and sets out a vision for lifelong learning.
A Lifelong Learning Local Authority: IFLL Sector Paper 4 - Free Download
This paper examines the role and different contexts of any local authority determined to take lifelong learning seriously.
Adults Learning Extra: Functional Skills
This special Adults Learning Extra aims to explore the implications of the introduction of Functional Skills, taking a wide range of perspectives from across the sector in order to better understand both the potential benefits for adults and the major challenges.
Armed Forces Basic Skills Longitudinal Study - Briefing Papers
This is a series of briefing papers summarising the initial phase on the Armed Forces Basic Skills Longitudinal study (AFLS). This study examines the impact of improving literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) skills of Service personnel on their professional and personal development and collectively on organisational performance.
Beyond the Horizon: Young People and Civil Society
Beyond the Horizon: Young People and Civil Society outlines the benefits of volunteering and shows how some local authorities have created opportunities and supported young people to get involved in a range of volunteering activities.
Co-locating colleges and public libraries
A follow-up paper examining the recommendation for local learning infrastructures in Learning Through Life – the report of the Inquiry into the Future for Lifelong Learning (IFLL), by Tom Schuller
Collaborative Local Learning Ecologies: Reflections on the Governance of Lifelong Learning in England: IFLL Sector Paper 6 - Free Download
This paper is an attempt to use ecological concepts that have been developed across a number of different areas of human and natural activity to think about approaches to governance in the complex area of lifelong learning.
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