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Building Stronger Communities (PASCAL)

Building Stronger Communities (PASCAL)

Connecting research, policy and practice

David Adams, John Tibbitt, Lesley Doyle, Peter Welsh

February 2008
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About This Publication

Governments at all levels all over the world are committed to strengthening communities – that is, improving neighbourliness, mutual support and economic activity in the largest cities and the smallest rural settlements.

In this book, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners demonstrate, in a wide variety of settings, how they have developed new initiatives to strengthen communities, concentrating particularly on the role of education and training.


Chapter 1 Connecting research policy and practice in building stronger communities
Lesley Doyle and Peter Welsh
Part 1: An international/national perspective
Chapter 2 Lifelong learning and the learning society: from concept to policy to practice?
Hans Schuetze
Chapter 3 Social networks and social exclusion: the case of biotechnology in New Zealand
Rob Strathdee
Chapter 4 Complexity and learning regions: learning regions as complex adaptive systems
Ingunn Sandaker and Britt Andersen
Chapter 5 Building human and social capital in communities through education
Barry McGaw
Chapter 6 Higher education, lifelong learning and regional development in Hungary
Balázs Németh
Chapter 7 Community education, learning communities and national skill policy in Australia: is there light at the end of the tunnel?
Peter Kearns and Denise Reghenzani
Chapter 8 Issues and challenges for sustainable regeneration: a reflection on regeneration policy in Scotland
John Tibbitt
Part 2: Regional/local networks
Chapter 9 Policy learning and transfer in regional lifelong learning policies
Paolo Federighi
Chapter 10 Higher education and regional development
Jaana Puukka
Chapter 11 Commitment, research, connection and community: learning in networks in regional development
Anne Badenhorst
Chapter 12 Connecting communities: an indigenous education initiative in the Canberra region, Australia
Carolyn Broadbent
Chapter 13 Building virtual communities: ‘Youthcentral’ in Victoria, Australia
David Adams
Chapter 14 Building capacity for rural health: the role of boundary crossers in coalition maturity for partnerships with external agents
Sue Kilpatrick, Stuart Auckland, Susan Johns and Jessica Whelan
Chapter 15 Co-investigation of social capital
Dave Beck
Chapter 16 Sustaining community leadership learning: recent experience in Montana, USA
Larry Swanson
Chapter 17 Who will we become? Power, identities and cultures in the context of notions of social capital and governance
Gwenneth Marshall
Chapter 18 Converging ideas for building stronger communities
David Adams